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Do you post anywhere in Australia?
Yes – postage costs vary depending on the product.  Postage costs are displayed as you go through checkout before you complete payment.  Please contact me for a quote if you’re unsure.

I don’t live on the Sunshine Coast.  Can I still have my baby’s handprints or footprints done?
Yes, that’s one of the unique features of My Little Keepsake’s baby keepsakes.  It doesn’t matter where you live. When you have ordered you will be sent an inkless print kit.  Follow the simple instructions to make your baby hand or footprints and then send them back to me in the pre-paid envelope. Your enamelled prints will be sent back out to you.

Do I have to make an appointment or come to your studio to have my baby prints taken?
No, a kit can be sent out to you in the post for you to do it yourself.  See above.

Can I come to your workshop to have my baby prints taken?
Yes, just contact me to make an appointment.

The prints I’ve taken with the inkless kit are very smudgy.  Is that a problem?
Not necessarily.  It’s very difficult to take perfect prints.  I will clean up smudges and imperfections before enamelling your prints. Make sure you take as many prints as you can so that I’ve got plenty to work with. The most important thing is to avoid overlapping the prints.

I’ve lost/damaged my inkless print kit. Can I get another one?
Depending on circumstances I can send you out another one. Please contact me.

Can I wear my keepsake pendant in the shower?
No. Our jewellery/keyring range is not waterproof and should not get wet as this could result in damage.

Is my deposit refundable?
No, all deposits made at Expos, on-line, by phone or by email are non-refundable.

I’ve got an existing baby print I’d like enamelled.  Can you do that?
Yes.  Often people with older kids have faded prints from when they were tiny.  Enamel is the perfect way to preserve them properly forever.

My friend sadly lost their baby at birth but has some prints the hospital made.  Can you enamel them?
Definitely.  A lot of bereaved parents want to make something permanent for them to treasure such a precious memory.  My Little Keepsake’s process is perfect for this.

I’ve got a pet print I’d like enamelled.  Can you do that?
Yes.  If you have a print that you’ve taken, I’d be happy to enamel it for you.  Or you can order an inkless print kit and take your pet’s prints that way.

Do the drawings have to be drawn?  I’ve got a lovely lino print I’d like to have enamelled.
Prints work really well.  For the line drawings just make sure that it is just in 2 colours.  It doesn’t have to be black and white (although this helps.)  The full colour drawings can be from anything 2-D- painting, printing, colouring etc.

I want to have my child’s line drawing enamelled – does it need to be on special paper?
No.  Any normal paper will do.  Full colour drawings will need to be quoted on individually. Please email us a copy of your picture so we can discuss it.


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