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Inkless Print Kit – Colour


Inkless Print Pink
Inkless Print Kit Instructions
Inkless Print Kit contents
Inkless Print Kit colour

Inkless Print Kit – Colour


No paint! No ink! No mess! And now even more fun – in colour!

Flamecat’s inkless colour print kit contains:

  • 4 sheets of A5 sensitised paper – enough to take as many prints as you can fit on the paper.
  • a re-useable wipe,
  • tips and instructions.

Keep an inkless print kit in your labour bag ready to take those first tiny prints!

Great for framing, keepsake books, birth announcements and scrapbooking.

Send your prints to Flamecat for us to preserve them in enamel forever.

Perfect baby shower gifts or new baby gift idea. Now available in black, pink or blue.