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For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you. Cherish your baby’s tiny handprint with our block mounted layered hands. It could be Mum, Dad and Baby, Grandparents and baby or 3 siblings. Our bespoke block mounted prints come in a range of colours. Also available for 4 or 5 hands. Just contact us if you have a bigger family.


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Their precious little hands don’t stay that tiny for long. It’s so lovely to compare yours and your baby’s hand sizes.
Just like your baby, each high quality My Little Keepsake vinyl block mounted print is unique.
A UV protective layer protects them from fading and means you can wipe them clean.

Simply place your order online and we will send you a FREE inkless print kit. The kit is really easy to use and completely clean. You can take lots of prints.
1 family print kit contains: 6 pieces of A5 paper so there should be plenty.
For larger hands, simply tape 2 pieces of paper together (tape on the back). We will edit out the join for you.

Fill out the order form in the kit with any wording you’d like to appear on the print.
Then post the prints back to us and we will edit and perfect them for you. (All original prints are returned with your completed order).

You will receive an edited proof by email so that you can check that the spelling, colours and layout are exactly how you want.
When you’re happy with the proof, your family handprints will be professionally printed and block mounted. Please note: block mounted prints are not enamel.

You can order your block mounted print well before baby arrives so that you have the kit ready to take baby’s prints in the first few days.
Or you can have the kit ready for a special event like a birthday or christening.

Each block mounted print is created individually so colours and may vary slightly.

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Product details & Postage

Frame size: 20 x 29cm
Hand size: if your hand fits on an A4 sheet of paper that’s fine.
Age: 0 – 150 years!

Frame material: wood
Print: vinyl print with UV protective layer

Postage: $25

2 reviews for Handprints Block Mount – Family of 3

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    The handprint was So easy to do even with my little one and it turned out amazing! I will cherish it forever! Thank you so much!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    We had an excellent customer service from My little keepsake. We love the job that they done for us. Our little hands together mean so much to us. Thanks so much for a great service.

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